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Welcome to Lemon Garden Designs, where nature meets expertise! Meet Ashleigh Lemon, the powerhouse behind this green business.

Ashleigh is a proud graduate of Muskingum University, holding a degree in Conservation Science and Biology. Her journey began as a naturalist for the Ohio State Park system, followed by a role as a conservation educator at The Wilds—the largest conservation center in North America.

Transitioning into the corporate world, Ashleigh became a Senior Biology Specialist at Scott's Miracle Gro. Here, she fine-tuned her research skills and educational prowess. Whether inspiring school kids to explore STEM in the great outdoors or sharing gardening tips on live TV, Ashleigh's passion for education and nature shines.

Rooted in childhood memories spent gardening with her grandparents, Ashleigh's love for flowers and the natural world has bloomed into Lemon Garden Designs. In a male-dominated field, she fearlessly leads her team, offering garden and lawn maintenance, captivating container designs, and engaging botanical workshops.


Ashleigh Lemon

Our Team


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